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50 Second Q&As

Pithy wisdom from Thinkers50

Distillation lies at the heart of successfully communicating. The more complex the ideas, the more intricate the context, the greater the premium on distillation.

At the Thinkers50, as we travel the world and the internet, seeking out the best ideas in management, we look out for the thinkers who have a gift for distilling their research and concepts down into memorable phrases, tightly argued articles, clearly constructed diagrams, and examples which are as evocative as they are instructional.

To hone their distilling skills, we challenge thinkers to complete our Thinkers50 50-­second Q&A. The result is a unique insight into what some of the world’s leading business thinkers are thinking – and how they manage their lives.

We hope you enjoy this collection of our recent examples of distilled wisdom.

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50 Second Q&A: Maja Korica

An associate professor at Warwick Business School, Maja Korica’s  research focuses on understanding the nuances of complex and...