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Liz Mellon

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Duke CE professor, chair of the Dialogue journal, and author of Inside the Mind of the Leader (FT Prentice Hall, 2011) and The Strategy of Execution (with Simon Carter, McGraw Hill 2013). Mellon’s current work focuses on the role of women in organizations.


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Liz Mellon’s Articles on the Thinkers50 Blog

  • Liz MellonWelcome to the Corporate Village

    A village of 150 is perfectly formed. How does this work at the top-most echelons of today’s corporations?

  • Liz MellonThe Corporate Elders

    Wise and experienced leaders at the top of the organization provide a support and a challenge for any CEO. Liz Mellon explains the elders phenomenon.

  • Liz MellonTaking Charge of Consultants

    The consulting market in Europe alone is worth $32 billion and 12% of that goes on strategy consulting – an annual spend of $4 billion. Liz Mellon examines the role of consultants in really achieving change.

  • Liz MellonWhose Problem Is It Anyway?

    Traditionally, business problems have often been blamed on lethargic workers or officious middle managers. But, what if the problem lies higher up the corporate hierarchy?

  • Liz MellonHugging Your Way to Change

    Change is emotional, says Liz Mellon. A metaphorical hug beats heavy-handed logic any day.