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How Leaders Build Game-Changing Organizations

and iconic CEO and business leader Alan Mulally outline what it takes for leaders to build what they refer to as Game-Changing Organizations- companies that are purpose-driven; performance-focused; and principles-led simultaneously.

As Alan Mulally, former CEO of Ford Motor Company and Boeing Commercial Airlines, put it:

“The 3 Ps are everything. Earlier in my career I thought performance was the only thing that mattered. But if you are leading a company that only cares about performance and some of your leaders ignore your core purpose or guiding principles, it’s only a matter of time before you will end up in trouble”.

In the article, Ready and Mulally argue that next-gen leaders must combine the skillsets of a business leader with the mindset of an enterprise leader to really guide companies through this era of extraordinary turbulence. As Ready put it: “Ironically, being a great business builder simply isn’t enough to lead in today’s world. Business acumen is now a matter of table stakes. When I talked with the leaders that companies have identified as next-gen role models, these were people who were equally adept at combining those skillsets with an enterprise-first mindset”.

Ready and Mulally offer an action plan for companies to cultivate their next generation of game-changing leaders. The article will appear in Sloan Management Review in the fall 2017 issue.

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