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Thinkers50 Podcast: Jonas Ridderstråle

Jonas Ridderstråle is the coauthor of Funky Business, Karaoke Capitalism, and most recently, Fast Forward. Stuart Crainer talks with him at the European Business Forum on what is happening in today’s business management world. In this podcast: Limited progress...

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Thinkers50 Podcast: Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez Interview

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez is the author of The Focused Organization, Director of the Program Management Office at GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines, and chair of the Project Management Institute. He speaks with Des Dearlove in this Thinkers50 podcast about Projects Inc. and his...

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Thinkers50 Podcast: Henry Chesbrough

For this Thinkers50 podcast, Stuart Crainer interviews Henry Chesbrough, the author of Open Innovation and Adjunct Professor at the Haas School of Business, at the University of California, Berkeley. Listen to the podcast below: In this podcast: How Open Innovation...

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Thinkers50 Podcast: Silicon Valley

Stuart and Des speak from Silicon Valley for this T50 podcast. They’re hunting Silicon Valley for new business ideas, and they’ve met up with Thinkers such as Steve Blank, Henry Chesbrough, and Navi Radjou. Listen to the podcast below: In this podcast:...

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Thinkers50 Podcast: Work in Progress

Anil Gupta, Roger Martin, Syd Finkelstein, Navi Radjou, Niraj Dawar, Mark Esposito, Subir Chowdhury and Juan Pablo Vazquez Sampere share their work in progress in this new Thinkers50 podcast. Listen to the podcast below: Listen on iTunes All Thinkers50...

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Thinkers50 Podcast: Niraj Dawar’s Tilt

In this Thinkers50 Podcast, Niraj Dawar talks about his book Tilt: Shifting Your Strategy from Products to Customers. Since the Industrial Revolution, we’ve been focused on building better products and bigger factories. However, that is changing due to three...

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Thinkers50 Podcast: Niraj Dawar Live at T50 2015

For this podcast, Niraj Dawar, author of Tilt: Shifting Your Strategy from Products to Customers, speaks at the Thinkers50 2015 event about brands. Where do markets exist and where do brands compete? Do brands compete on the shelf, online, or in the consumer’s...

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Thinkers50 Podcast: Inequality

In this podcast, we hear the Thinkers50 2015 panel on inequality. Liz Mellon, Don Tapscott, and Anil Gupta discuss wealth, prosperity, and growth on a global scale. Can wealth inequality be fixed? What has contributed to inequality? Can new thinking and business...

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Thinkers50 Podcast: Friend and Foe

Stew Friedman leads Wharton’s groundbreaking Work/Life Integration Project. He also hosts Work and Life, a radio show on Wharton Sirius XM. In this interview Stew talks with his Wharton colleague Maurice Schweitzer, author of Friend and Foe: When to Cooperate, When to...

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