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Thinkers50 Podcasts

Thinkers50 Podcast: Andrew Kakabadse & the Five Qs

In this podcast brought to you in partnership with the Brightline Initiative, Stuart Crainer and Andrew Kakabadse discuss the Five Qs and how they can help to understand what it takes to make great leadership in an often contradictory environment: IQ (cognitive...

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Thinkers50 Podcast: Rita McGrath

Rita McGrath, author of The End of Competitive Advantage and Columbia Business School Associate Professor, spoke with Stuart Crainer at the European Business Forum on her newest research on strategic inflection points, and how easy they are to spot in hindsight but...

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Thinkers50 Podcast: Jonas Ridderstråle

Jonas Ridderstråle is the coauthor of Funky Business, Karaoke Capitalism, and most recently, Fast Forward. Stuart Crainer talks with him at the European Business Forum on what is happening in today's business management world. In this podcast: Limited progress when...

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Thinkers50 Podcast: Alf Rehn and Innovation

Des Dearlove talks with Alf Rehn about innovation and the European Business Forum. In this podcast, Alf Rehn discusses how we can leverage innovation to solve real world problems over how to be the next Apple. Listen to the podcast below: In this podcast: How the...

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Thinkers50 Podcast: Andrew Kakabadse

For this Thinkers50 podcast, Stuart Crainer interviews Andrew Kakabadse, Professor of Governance and Strategic Leadership at the UK’s Henley Business School. His books include Essence of Leadership (1998), Leadership Teams: Developing and Sustaining High Performance...

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Thinkers50 Podcast: Joseph Pistrui

In this Thinkers50 Podcast, we have Joseph Pistrui, Professor of Entrepreneurial Management and Academic Director of the Senior Fellows Program at IE Business School in Madrid. He also leads the global Nextsensing Project, which he founded in 2012. His current...

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Top 5 Thinkers50 Podcasts of 2016

Stuart Crainer: Over the last year we have enjoyed capturing some great ideas and colourful characters in our Thinkers50 podcasts.  It appears that the Thinkers50 community also enjoys them.  We speedily passed 10,000 downloads and are now heading ever upwards. The...

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