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There is nothing so powerful as an original idea. Ideas are the powerhouses of economic growth, social improvement and the living of fruitful lives.

This is something Thinkers50 passionately believes in and has championed since 2001.

Ideas aren’t the sole preserve of individual bestselling thought leaders or global consulting firms, they are the fuel for growth for businesses and organisations of all sizes.

We are working with the UK-based thought leadership agency, Propelia, to better understand the commercial power of ideas to develop organizations of all sizes.

In what has been called “the age of earthquakes”, we believe the challenge for organisations is how to lead their audiences, customers, and stakeholders somewhere vibrantly new so that they can explore, alter and shift their understanding. The challenge is not just to add to the noise with another idea, another video, another brainstorm, another presentation, another speech, another board meeting, another conference, another book, another voice to be almost immediately forgotten or dissipated even if shared.

Take us forward into somewhere compellingly new.

We believe certain organisations already have this latent thought leadership capacity built into them. We call this ThINC. Like all leadership capacities it needs to be unlocked, shaped, harnessed before its potential is revealed and released.

To explore this, Propelia and Thinkers50 are partnering to engage and work with a select group of companies to explore and develop their capacity to ThINC. Anticipated outcomes include the development of market differentiation, unique branded IP, associated assets and increased profile and expert leadership voice which should all combine to enable the organisation to lead internally and externally in a different way. In short we want to work with organisations to enable them to start to ThINC and become new types of thought leaders.

If you would like to harness the power of ThINC in your organization please contact us.