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In addition to the Thinkers50 books listed on this page, we are the publishing partner for Looking Ahead, a book which portrays the myriad of intertwined global developments that will shape the world we live in for decades to come. Visit the Looking Ahead page.

Book Cover for The Giving World

The Giving World: The Three Financial Forces That Could Transform Global Development 

The developing world faces many significant social and economic challenges. These include tackling poverty and disease, reducing crime, and creating the infrastructure and security needed to foster economic prosperity and create jobs. Governments around the world currently provide some $135 billion in international aid. But this is not enough. Many parts of the world also rely on the goodwill and financial support of charitable organizations and private individuals. Two other types of international giving are significant: international philanthropy; and money sent home by migrant workers as remittances. All together government aid, philanthropy and remittances add up to a staggering $350 billion a year. Yet, at present, these huge sums of money are underutilized; they are wasted or fall far short of their potential maximum impact.

Book Cover for What We Mean When We Talk About Leadership

What We Mean When We Talk About Leadership

In their newest title, Des Dearlove and Stuart Crainer capture the extraordinariness as well as the ordinariness of great leaders. In What We Mean When We Talk About Leadership you will discover: how leaders build things, the behaviours of great leaders, how leaders thrive on ambiguity, and – why great leaders wear cardigans.

This entertaining and lively book presents a vision of leadership illuminated by conversations with entrepreneurs, management thinkers, CEOs of global businesses, and leading sports stars.

Thinkers50 Future of Business books series

The Thinkers50 Future of Business books series delivers compact and distilled wisdom from the world’s leading management thinkers and showcases the ideas that are changing business today.

The titles Innovation, Leadership, Management & Strategy are available as an e-book bundle.