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Adrian Slywotzky

Ranked Thinker  

#46 2011

Adrian Slywotzky is a consultant and author of several books on economic theory and management. He is best known for his work on profitability and growth, and for pioneering the concept of business design and business model innovation.

Slywotzky’s books include: Value Migration: How to Think Several Moves Ahead of the Competition (1995); The Profit Zone: How Strategic Business Design Will Lead You to Tomorrow’s Profits (with David Morrison and Bob Andelman, 1998); The Art of Profitability (2004); and The Upside (with Karl Weber, 2007).

In the Profit Zone, Slywotzky drew attention to the concept of business design. Firms often focus on products and services yet the design of the business, which is fundamental to the creation and capture of value, typically receives less attention.

Slywotzky’s most recent book is Demand: Creating What People Love Before They Know They Want It (2011). Slywotzky is currently a partner at the management consulting firm Oliver Wyman.

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