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Amy Wrzesniewski

2018 Radar Thinker 

Amy Wrzesniewski

Professor of Organizational Behaviour at the Yale School of Management, Yale University, her research explores how people make meaning of their work, with a focus on the impact meaning has on employees and the organizations in which they work. These meanings have implications for how employees shape their tasks, interactions and relationships with others in the workplace to change the meaning of the job.

She earned an BA in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and has a PhD in organizational psychology from the University of Michigan.

Her research on the meaning of work has been published in a wide range of top academic journals and highlighted in several best-selling books such as Drive by Daniel Pink, The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor, Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligman, and The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler.


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