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Juan Pablo Vazquez Sampere

2016 Radar Thinker 

Professor at IE Business School in Madrid and frequent HBR and LSE blogger. In his articles he applies Disruptive Innovation concepts to current managerial challenges.

He has developed the mechanism of “Predictive Entrepreneurship” – a method that reduces the startups’ failure rate by 60%.

By using Predictive Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs have a system to see how their idea flourishes into a viable business model. The mechanism solves the most fundamental questions about new company creation. For example, how to convince the first customer group, or how to generate enough demand to scale or what organizational design the startup should adopt based on shareholder typology and the startup priorities.

Professor Vazquez Sampere teaches and practices Predictive Entrepreneurship together with his current and former students. Who have been instrumental for developing the mechanism and who are the reason that he became professor in the first place.

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