Linda Scott

Linda Scott is DP World Chair for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. Linda is best known for her creation of the concept of the Double X Economy – a perspective which describes the global economy of women in both the developed and developing world, and the roles of women not only as consumers, but as investors, donors and workers. She writes a blog called The Double X Economy, as well as blogging for Forbes and Bloomberg Businessweek on gender issues.

Prior to joining Saïd Business School in 2006, Linda held appointments in advertising, art, women’s studies and communications at the University of Illinois. Her education includes bachelors and masters degrees in American literature and history, an MBA and a doctorate in mass communications.

Linda’s current research focuses on the potential for market-based approaches to provide economic empowerment and entrepreneurial opportunities for poor women in developing nations. She also conducts research related to consumer responses to imagery and music in advertising and the relationship between religion and commerce.

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