Insight to Impact: No Rules Rules with Erin Meyer

With the arrival of Covid 19, businesses around the world are experiencing unexpected and unforeseen challenges. The management paradigms influencing our thinking have been upended. Suddenly digital transformation and organizational flexibility have become the urgent topics of our time. Only a very few companies have demonstrated the ability to shift quickly and thrive in the face of unexpected change. Netflix, one of the most successful companies of our time, is one of those companies.

In this talk, New York Times best-selling author and international culture guru Erin Meyer, explores a counter-intuitive set of principles for how to build an organizational culture for today’s fast-changing age based on extensive research conducted with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings (and detailed in their new award-winning book No Rules Rules). Whether it’s Freedom and Responsibility, Radical Honesty, or The Keeper Test, in this speech Meyer lays out a three-step method for giving your employees increasing levels of freedom in order to build a corporate culture that breeds flexibility and innovation across the organization.

Meyer’s work looks at how leaders can initiate effective collaboration within teams that span regional, national and ethnic divides. She brings together findings from her own analytic research with insights from leading psychologists and anthropologists to provide a framework with which leaders can manage this growing challenge. Meyer’s article “Getting to Si, Ja, Oui, Hai, and Da” was the most read article in the Harvard Business Review in 2015.

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