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The Vijay Govindarajan Video Series Week 17

The last four videos in the Breakthrough Innovation with the Three Box Solution series demonstrated the powerful growth potential of reverse innovation and gave us three compelling examples: the NH hospital in Bangalore, the artificial leg in Thailand, and the $300 house project.

Now VG is turning to the application of 3-box innovation: how do you generate Box 3 breakthrough ideas? 

By following his set of methodologies you can learn how to imagine the future of your industry. By observing the weak signals around you – for example, changes in regulation that could affect your distribution channels, or the emergence of non-traditional competitors in your field – you can construct a picture of your industry in the future. You then have a basis for creating Box 3 ideas – hypotheses based on weak signals – and a business model for the future.

Video 23: Box 3 Application Exercise.

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