The Vijay Govindarajan Video Series Week 20

In 1995 The New York Times had probably the best journalists in the world, with over 100 Pullitzer Prize winners in their ranks. It would have been easy to assume that The New York Times would become to define the standard for news and information, given that this was before the arrival of Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

In order to ensure their place in journalism in the future, however, in the face of the emerging internet, The New York Times had to come up with a Box 3 idea and so they created The New York Times Digital. You would think from looking at images of print and digital versions the product had not changed: the digital simply looked like an electronic copy of the printed edition. But, as VG explains in this week’s video, the underlying business model had radically changed, and The New York Times is a prime example of Box 3 innovation, and how Box 3 innovation demands a new organizational logic.

Video 29: The Need for New Organizational Logic – The New York Times

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