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The Vijay Govindarajan Video Series Week 26

We’re onto week 26 of the 28-week Breakthrough Innovation with the Three Box Solution Series.

In Video 41 Vijay Govindarajan reveals the key to successful box 3 experimentation, using a real-life example from IBM.

He demonstrates why it is so important to identify a critical assumption, and to find an inexpensive way to resolve that assumption. 

In 2002 IBM had lost its position as creator of the world’s fastest super computer to NEC. So they decided to make a box 3 move. With researchers in the fields of climate change and bio-technology requiring the ability to make thousands of digital simulations, IBM saw that they needed to create a new super computer that was an astonishing 500 times faster.

Find out how they found their three box solution to navigate the weak signals, keep the costs of experimentation low, and make breakthrough innovation. 

Video 41: Key to Successful Experiments – IBM

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