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The Vijay Govindarajan Video Series – Week 3

In the third week of our Thinkers50 Vijay Govindarajan video series Breakthrough Innovation with the Three Box Solution, VG explains the concepts of non-linear shifts and weak signals, and how to incorporate them into strategy.  

In a case example using the American worldwide toy and board game company Hasbro, we see first an example of Box 1 thinking – linear thinking – and then a demonstration of attention to non-linear shifts toward Box 2 and Box 3 thinking.

In 1995, the game industry was changing. The population of under 15s in the US – the traditional Hasbro market – was declining. Multiple new platforms were emerging for game companies to contend with, and new technologies were changing the business of family entertainment. Power was shifting from the manufacturer to the consumer.

If Hasbro wanted to be an organization with an innovative strategy in ten years’ time, they needed more than a new version of Monopoly. For Hasbro to be a player in 2005, the job had to start in 1995…

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