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The Vijay Govindarajan Video Series Week 8

In week 8 of the Thinkers50 Vijay Govindarajan Breakthrough Innovation with the Three Box Solution video series we are learning how to change the strategy conversation.

If you ask an organization for their strategy plan they will invariably, VG says, produce a thick 25” binder. A grand multi-page strategy plan, however, is no good for Box 2 and Box 3 innovation. 

Planning for the future, he explains, is meaningless.

Preparing for the future, on the other hand, is of vital importance. And if you have been following the video series so far, you will know that Box 2 and Box 3 thinking is all about the future. For Box 2 and Box 3 thinking, VG says, you need a strategy architecture that fits on a single sheet of paper. And when you reduce something to a single sheet of paper, you know you are going to get your whole organization behind you.

To find out about what should be on this single sheet of paper and how to prepare your organization for the future, take a look at this week’s video.

Video 11: Changing the Strategy Conversation.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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