The Vijay Govindarajan Video Series Week 9

Last week VG told us that if you want to be a leader in the future, you need to throw out the traditional business strategy plan – those that come presented in a thick 25” binder.

This week it’s the turn of mission statements – the ones that declare the company’s core intentions to create value for customers, encourage employee engagement, and deliver profitable returns to stockholders; the type of generic mission statement that is interchangeable no matter what the organization is or does.

What leaders of the future need, he says, is a strategic intent statement. Strategic intent is what Module 2 of the Thinkers50 Vijay Govindarajan Breakthrough Innovation with the Three Box Solution video series is all about and is one of the building-block concepts of Box 2 and Box 3 thinking.

In video 12, the third in this module, VG outlines three key criteria to strategic intent, and shows how JFK embodied these criteria when he stood up and declared that America would put a man on the moon within a decade …

Video 12: Strategic Intent

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