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Thinkers50 Podcast: Interview with CK Prahalad

In today’s Thinkers50 Podcast, Stuart Crainer talks about CK Prahalad’s history as the #1 Thinkers50 Thinker in 2007 and 2009. Thinkers50 continues to honour CK Prahalad’s legacy with the Breakthrough Idea Award, which is named after him.

In this 2009 interview with CK Prahalad, Des Dearlove asks him about how it feels to be the #1 Thinker in the world. CK Prahalad answers with humility and insight. To be considered the top management thinker, people must think you know the answers to everything. You must have the humility to say that you don’t know all of the answers. He says he’s more cautious of what he says, and that in its own way, it has become a burden.

Des asks him about his book The New Age of Innovation and the transformation of industry across the world. CK Prahalad says you need to treat individuals as unique and allow them to create their own personalized experiences—he calls this N = 1 (N equal to 1). With Netflix and iTunes, you can customize your experience with playlists.

The interview continues to discuss the themes of co-creation and democratizing commerce.

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