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Thinkers50 Podcast: Liz Mellon Interview

During this episode of the Thinkers50 Podcast, we have a Liz Mellon interview. Liz Mellon is author of Inside The Leader’s Mind and the chair of the Dialogue journal.

Des Dearlove asks Liz what she is currently working on. Liz answers that she is currently working on how you can sustain high performance in organisations. They’re looking at organisations broadly, from commercial companies to charities to institutions. With her research, she is seeking the quality these organisations have that allows them to sustain their performance not just for decades, but for centuries.

Three key aspects have come up in her research: things we already know about leadership, new things, and some things that these leaders don’t do.

Within this research, Liz Mellon finds that the fundamentals of leadership are still in place and still matters. Above and beyond that, there are a few things that stand out: leaders in these sustaining high performance organisations don’t think about their personal legacy—they worry more about “destiny”, and how their organisation goes beyond their time in charge.

These leaders look at their time as very much a time that they have in charge, but they’re very conscious of what’s come before and they’re very conscious of what’s coming next. – Liz Mellon

The Liz Mellon interview continues, as she talks about how these organisations don’t play the numbers game. Des asks when we can expect the results of this research; Liz says we can expect the results in late 2016 or in 2017.

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