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Thinkers50 Podcast: Ricardo Vargas and the Brightline Initiative

In this podcast brought to you in partnership with the Brightline Initiative, Stuart Crainer interviews Ricardo Vargas. Ricardo Vargas is the Executive Director of the Brightline Initiative, a non-commercial initiative of leading global organizations bridging the gap between strategy development/design and delivery.

In this podcast:

  • There’s a missing component between developing strategy and implementing it. What components need to be in place to implement the strategy?
  • The delivery of strategy is becoming more challenging because the life cycle is becoming shorter. Change happens faster, and challenges arise quickly.
  • C-suite: you are responsible for delivering the strategy you built. More effort is needed from the C-suite instead of passing the work on to someone else.
  • Project management and leadership are critical components to strategy delivery.
  • 90% of 500 global organizations reported they cannot implement their strategy properly. This translates to 1 million dollars wasted every 20 seconds.
  • What does success look like for the Brightline Initiative?

Listen to the podcast below:

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T50 podcasts are produced in partnership with the Brightline Initiative.

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