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Thinkers50 Podcast: Rita McGrath

Rita McGrath, author of The End of Competitive Advantage and Columbia Business School Associate Professor, spoke with Stuart Crainer at the European Business Forum on her newest research on strategic inflection points, and how easy they are to spot in hindsight but difficult to see while it’s happening.

What are strategic inflection points? Listen to the podcast below:

In this podcast:

  • Examples of strategic inflection points in Facebook, YouTube, Amazon Web Services and Dollar Shave Club
  • Any company has constraints at the time of founding, and when something changes those constraints, those are the seeds of inflection points.
  • Dance Floor vs Balcony: You need to take both perspectives to see the bigger picture.
  • C-Suite Responses to Strategic Inflection Points.
  • Companies in countries with less competition are less fluid.
  • When we can expect Rita’s next book.

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