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Thinkers50 Podcast: Stephen Frost and Diversity

Stephen Frost, CEO of the Inclusion Consultancy, Frost Included, in conversation with Stuart Crainer.  The two discuss whether or not the diversity and inclusion case has been settled, and if so, what is missing on the execution front.

Frost shows how a lack of diversity – demographically, cognitively – was a key factor in the demise of Lehman Brothers, Blockbuster, and many other organizations.

He also highlights the difference between diversity being a compliance issue, a reputational issue, or a mindset for growth.  He asks if your firm is practicing Diversity 101.

Too often, diversity is a sub-set of HR.  And HR itself has a bit of an insecurity problem getting a seat at the table. So you’re going to give the biggest change work to the people with the least power.  And then you wonder why things don’t happen.
Stephen Frost

Find out how to make things happen in the podcast:

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