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Thinkers50 Podcast: Susan David on Emotional Agility

In this podcast brought to you in partnership with the Brightline Initiative, Stuart Crainer interviews Susan David, an award-winning Psychologist on the faculty of Harvard Medical School, co-founder and co-director of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, and CEO of Evidence Based Psychology. Her book Emotional Agility is a Wall Street Journal bestseller.

In this podcast:

  • The role of emotions in our everyday lives and how they can impact our effectiveness.
  • How Susan’s growing up in apartheid South Africa led to her interest in emotional agility.
  • Four key concepts in emotional agility.
  • Showing Up: Instead of focusing on being positive, discover what our negative emotions can tell us about what we care about.
  • Stepping Out: Recognize who’s in charge—the thinker or the thought? Creating space between you and the thought.
  • Walking Your Why: What is it that enables us to have our own compass?
  • Moving On: Make tweaks to infuse value into your mindset. Rather than “I have to”, change the language to “I want to”.

Listen to the podcast below:

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