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Hal Gregersen Video Blog

Hal Gregersen

A cutting-edge innovation and leadership guru, co-author of The Innovator’s DNA, and Executive Director of the MIT Leadership Center, Gregersen challenges organizations and individuals to question the way we think and act to make our world a better, more creative place. Hal regularly delivers inspirational keynote speeches, motivational executive seminars and transformational coaching experiences. He also works with a diverse set of global companies to help them master the challenges of innovation and change. His current research focuses on how the world’s most successful and innovative leaders find the right questions that unlock new solutions to vexing challenges. He has been recognized as a 2013 Thinkers50 Innovation Award Nominee and was shortlisted for the 2015 Leadership Award.

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Featured Video

Breakthrough solutions start with assumption-challenging questions—and it’s a leader’s obligation to surface them. As Hal Gregersen explores in his Harvard Business Review piece, leaders can learn a lot from photographers about how to lead and ask the right questions. In this video, he discusses how photography has impacted his own work as a leader and the framing questions that he asks and lives. The intersection between inquiry and images is the foundation of the MIT Sloan Executive Education workshop “Leadership and the Lens: Learning at the Intersection of Innovation and Image-Making” that Gregersen teaches with world-renowned National Geographic photographer Sam Abell.


Leadership and the Lens


The Innovator's DNA Video Series


Building Young Innovators

The next generation – our children – will soon be walking into an environment more tumultuous than it ever was before. As a result, it will be more critical for them to practice the problem-solving power of innovation than it ever was before. For this reason, Hal Gregersen founded the 4-24 project, which provides the tools and inspiration needed to sharpen and cultivate the questioning ability of the world’s children. In this video, Hal Gregersen discusses why it's so important to sustain our children's curiosity and how we can achieve this by encouraging questioning, exposing them to new people and places, and embracing failure. Together, we can improve our global society today and nurture the next generation of innovators tomorrow.

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