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Thinkers50 Podcast: Tendayi Viki and Innovation Made Tangible

Thinkers50 Podcast: Tendayi Viki and Innovation Made Tangible

In this podcast brought to you in partnership with the Brightline Initiative, Des Dearlove discusses Tendayi Viki and 1508’s new report, Innovation Made Tangible. Tendayi and 1508 maintain that in the last several years innovation has become the most important...

Tendayi Viki: Helping Elephants Do Ballet

How do you help a company develop a ‘startup’ mindset that lasts even while they are doing their regular day-to-day work? How do you do strategy in an iterative way? How can you help successful companies worry about the future...

Tendayi Viki

Tendayi Viki

Tendayi Viki is an award winning author and corporate innovation expert. He holds a PhD in Psychology and an MBA. As Associate Partner at Strategyzer, Tendayi works with companies to develop their internal ecosystems so they can innovate for the...

2019 Awards Gala Agenda

Every two years, Thinkers50 hosts a unique event in central London: A gathering of great business minds for a day of debate, discussion and networking, followed by an elegant Gala evening celebrating the very best in management thinking.

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