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THINKERS50 Video Blogs

Thinkers50 video blogs are part of our new QuickThinking initiative – a resource for managers and leaders. This knowledge-sharing platform makes accessible the wisdom and expertise of the world’s most influential management thinkers through short, crisp videos posted on We invite our ranked, radar and award-winning thinkers to participate.

In general terms:

  • Review your blog ideas with us, by email or phone.
  • A video blog/blog post can consist of a single post, a series of blog posts on related themes, or multiple posts on one or more themes.
  • Each post consists of a succinct, targeted insight delivered personally by top management thinkers in video form.
  • Posts are to be less than 5 minutes in length; shorter is better!
  • An example of video blog content is here.


  • Each post is a video! You send us a link to your hosted video (YouTube, etc.) which we use to upload your content to
  • Each video post can have brief accompanying text, and links to additional information, your website, etc. In the case of a series, a brief description of the series, and then of each video in the series, is appropriate.
  • An entry for each new video blog post will appear on our written blog (you provide content for this post, as well as any image you’d like us to use).
  • Each video is to include the Thinkers50 logo or the introductory segment of Thinkers50 video you’ll find here (download).

For our part:

  • We encourage your participation and are happy to give you feedback on ideas. (We do, of course, reserve the right to post or not post content.)
  • We will set up individual pages for contributing thinkers as blog content dictates. (Multiple posts will generally mean a dedicated page; single posts will be on a shared page.)
  • We will update your Thinkers50 profile page with links to your blog posts.
  • We strive to post video content promptly, typically in just a few days.
  • Thinkers50 will tweet information about each new video blog post.





Provide video*

Provide accompanying text:*

  • Brief text for video blog page
  • Optional additional text for T50 written blog roll, which will have an entry for each new video blog post

Provide links as appropriate*

Provide the IMAGE you’d like used in the T50 written blog*



  • Video blog
  • Written blog

Update profile page of blogger with link to post

Tweet about new video blogs posts

* These elements are sent to: Deb Harrity

If you would like a personal page set up for you, we ask that you support the program with a contribution to Thinkers50 of £1,000 to build the page. Each post, whether 1 or 100, is an additional £100. Posts to the Community (shared) video blog page are @£100, but have no set up or other charges.

ALSO – when we post your content on, we assume we have your permission to use this material in support of the Thinkers50 mission.


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