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Breakthrough Innovation with the Three Box Solution

This week’s featured videos: Key Points to Remember, Final Application Exercise, and It’s a Wrap – Message from VG

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Vijay Govindarajan’s THREE BOX SOLUTION Video Series

The full Three Box video series includes 47 videos and exercises in four modules, presented over 28 weeks. Each week, a new video – or selection of videos – will go live, until all videos have been presented and the series is complete. If you should miss a week, you can catch up easily — all live videos will stay live through to the end of the series.

MODULE 1: Strategy is Innovation9 videos completed

Understand the Three Box framework and see examples of it in action.

Video 1: Where Strategy and Innovation Meet: The Three Box Framework

Video 2: Creating The Future for Your Organization, Today

Video 3: Good Examples of Three Box Thinking

Video 4: Non Linear Shifts and Weak Signals

Video 5: Why Box 3 is Difficult, and a History of the High Jump

Video 6: What is a Business Model 

Video 7: Strategic Balance

Video 8: Grameen Bank Example of Box 3 Innovation

Video 9: Three Levels and Two Application Exercises

MODULE 2: Strategic Intent – 7 videos completed

Understand how to set long-term strategic direction that can provide context for employees to brainstorm and identify breakthrough ideas.

Video 10: Strategy Architecture – 4 Monkeys

Video 14: Strategic Intent – Creating the Environment

Video 11: Changing the Strategy Conversation

Video 15: Strategic Intent – Running a Marathon

Video 12: Strategic Intent                                      . 

Video 16: Strategic Intent – Application Exercises

Video 13: Strategic Intent – Apollo 13

MODULE 3: Core Competencies – 10 videos completed

Understand what core competencies are and how they can be leveraged.

Video 17: Core Competencies – Honda

Video 18: Core Competencies – Application Exercises

Video 19: Introducing Reverse Innnovation

Video 20: Reverse Innovation – NH Hospital

Video 21: Reverse Innovation – An Artificial Leg By Dr J

Video 22: Reverse Innovation – The $300 House

Video 23: Box 3 Application Exercise

Video 24: Box 3 Application Exercise – Matrix

Video 25: Box 3 Application Exercise – 4 Questions

Video 26: Reverse Innovation Application Exercises

MODULE 4: Ideation – 21 videos completed

Explore Breakthrough Innovation Ideas through a series of examples.

Video 27: Innovation Execution Introduction Part 1

Video 28: Innovation Execution Introduction Part 2

Video 29: The Need for New Organizational Logic – The New York Times

Video 30: 3 Challenges and Principles of Execution

Video 31: 3 Challenges in Forgetting

Video 32: Building a Dedicated Team Application Exercise Part 1

Video 33: Building a Dedicated Team Application Exercise Part 2

Video 34: Creating a Healthy Partnership When Borrowing

Video 35: 3 Common Mistakes in Borrowing

Video 36: 6 Common Errors in Forgetting and Borrowing

Video 37: Creating a Healthy Partnership Application Exercise

Video 38: Managing Conflicts Application Exercise

Video 39: The Learning Challenge

Video 40: Critical Assumptions

Video 41: Key to Successful Experiments – IBM

Video 42: The Learning Challenge Application Exercise

Video 43: Critical Assumptions Application Exercise

Video 44: Leading Indicators Application Exercise

Video 45: Key Points to Remember

Video 46: Final Application Exercise

Video 47: It’s a Wrap – Message from VG