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Video Series
Breakthrough Innovation with the Three Box Solution

This Week’s Featured Videos

Video 6: What is a Business Model

Video 7: Strategic Intent

Thinkers50 proudly presents

Vijay Govindarajan’s THREE BOX SOLUTION Video Series

The full Three Box video series includes 47 videos and exercises in four modules, presented over 28 weeks. Each week, a new video – or selection of videos – will go live, until all videos have been presented and the series is complete. If you should miss a week, you can catch up easily — all live videos will stay live through to the end of the series.

MODULE 1: Strategy is Innovation9 videos

Understand the Three Box framework and see examples of it in action.

Video 1: Where Strategy and Innovation Meet: The Three Box Framework

Video 2: Creating The Future for Your Organization, Today

Video 3: Good Examples of Three Box Thinking

Video 4: Non Linear Shifts and Weak Signals

Video 5: Why Box 3 is Difficult, and a History of the High Jump

Video 6: What is a Business Model 

Video 7: Strategic Balance

MODULE 2: Strategic Intent

Understand how to set long-term strategic direction that can provide context for employees to brainstorm and identify breakthrough ideas.

Begins after Module 1.

MODULE 3: Core Competencies

Understand what core competencies are and how they can be leveraged. 

Begins after Module 2.

MODULE 4: Ideation

Explore Breakthrough Innovation Ideas through a series of examples.

Begins after Module 3.

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