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Tammy Erickson Video Blog

TammyEricksonOver the last two years, in her role as Adjunct Professor, Organisational Behaviour, at London Business School, Tammy has designed and directs the School’s newest programme for senior executives, Leading Businesses into the Future. Based on the premise that today’s challenges require new forms of leadership, the programme focuses on the skills leaders need to build organisations capable of sustained innovation, collaboration, and engagement.

Tammy’s extraordinary body of research into the changing workforce, with particular emphasis on generational differences, creates an important base for her newest work in several ways. In her research on Generation X, those in their 30’s and 40’s today, she consistently found individuals who rejected more traditional leadership models, searching for new ways to lead organisations based on values, encouraging contributions from many. The new approaches in Leading Businesses into the Future are a response, in part, to these shifting attitudes.

In addition, her work on the generations provides powerful lessons on the importance of one’s perspective in shaping both perceptions and actions. This same approach – that of understanding how experiences shape ideas and practices – is echoed in her work on leadership, as she helps executives understand how management practices evolve out of the challenges of the era – and why we need to take a fresh look at the practices of today.

This latter theme is explored in the video series, “Leadership That Meets the Most Important Challenge.”

Tammy discusses her latest work on the characteristics of the youngest generation, those under 20 today, is in the video series, “The Re-Generation.”

Learn more about Tammy Erickson in her bio.

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If there is one concept that dominates the mental model of the Re-Generation, it is the sense of “finite limits” – the notion that there is not an infinite amount of energy, water, money or other resources. They understand the need to make the most out of what we have – to share and to re-new. Even the youngest Re-Gens often demonstrate a powerful sense of compromise – of making trade-offs designed to meet the needs of multiple individuals. This generation will bring an important new perspective to the market and workplace over the years ahead.


The Re-Generation


Leadership That Meets the Most Important Challenge

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