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Terence Mauri

Shifting Sands: Turn Uncertainty Into Action or Lose Relevance

The world is more turbulent, less predictable, more complex, less controllable, more infinite, less knowable and more challenging than we could have imagined. It doesn’t help that we are hard-wired to dislike uncertainty - it makes us feel anxious and uncomfortable, so we avoid it. But avoiding...

Rainbow Rising

Rainbow Rising

At Thinkers50 we are committed to inclusivity and diversity, which is why we support and celebrate Pride Month. As US President Joe Biden observed: “Pride is a time to recall the trials the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ+) community has endured...

Customers Not CEOs Decide Whether Companies Succeed

Customers Not CEOs Decide Whether Companies Succeed

Some companies are great for customers – not only do they care but they change whole markets to work better for the customers they serve. Think of Amazon, easyJet and Sky. They make things easier and improve what really matters. They have also enjoyed huge business success, growing and making plenty of money.

Build Your Sales Tribe with Steve Schrier

The art and science of selling is at the heart of every job, and yet the world of sales is undergoing massive change. In this Thinkers50 curated session, Steve Schrier takes us into the concepts of his book Build Your Sales...

Back2Better: Going Above & Beyond the Norm with Tammy Erickson

Back2Better: Going Above & Beyond the Norm with Tammy Erickson

  Today, the success of your business depends on people other than yourself taking actions that are impossible for you to pre-determine or specify. It is essential that everyone throughout your organisation care and think: to sense changes in the customer needs,...

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