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The father of modern business strategy and the most cited scholar today in economics and business. Inducted into the Thinkers50 Hall of Fame in 2018.

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Ranked #5 in 2017.

Previous positions: #1 (2015), #7 (2013), and #5 (2011).

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Inducted into the Thinkers50 Hall of Fame in 2018.


Winner of the Thinkers50 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award.


Porter’s “five forces framework” has been the definitive approach to business strategy for decades and is still taught in every business school in the world. His theory of “shared value” has led to a re-evaluation of the role and expectations of capitalism. Porter has devised strategy concepts and economic theory to tackle problems such as market competition, the environment, health care, and economic development. More recently he has demonstrated how new, smart technology will transform competition, with profound implications for society. His 2020 book, The Politics Industry (with Katherine M Gehl), examines America’s dysfunctional political system and identifies concrete action steps to fix it.




Economist, author, speaker, and teacher. Throughout his long career at Harvard Business School, Porter’s work has received numerous academic awards and accolades from universities worldwide. Considered the world’s greatest authority on competitive strategy and international competitiveness, Porter is an adviser to governments and businesses alike. He has served on Fortune 500 public boards and played an active role in US economic policy at the federal and state levels.


The Politics Industry (with Katherine M Gehl, HBR Press, 2020); Redefining German Health Care (with Clemens Guth, Springer, 2012); On Competition, Updated and Expanded Edition (HBS Publishing, 2008); Redefining Health Care (with Elizabeth O Teisberg, HBS Press, 2006); Can Japan Compete (with Hirotaka Takeuchi and M Sakakibara, Basic Books, 2000); Competitive Advantage (New York Free Press 1998); The Competitive Advantage of Nations (New York Free Press, 1990); Competitive Strategy (New York Free Press 1998).



Michael E Porter



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“Porter’s influence on modern business thinking has been immense.

Stuart Crainer & Des Dearlove, Thinkers50