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Stew Friedman

“Total leadership” guru, award-winning teacher, and best-selling author who explores how good leadership goes hand in hand with a richer life.

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Ranked #43 in 2019.

Previous positions: #38 (2017), #29 (2015), #27 (2013), and #45 (2011).


Winner of the Thinkers50 2015 Talent Award.


Chosen by Working Mother as one of America’s 25 most influential men to have made things better for working parents.


Creator of the concept of total leadership, Friedman has conducted extensive research on the importance of bringing the whole person to work. His “four-way wins” strategy – achieving better results at work, at home, in the community and for yourself – is based on the principles of being real, being whole and being innovative: acting with authenticity, integrity and creativity.




Friedman gained his PhD in organizational psychology from the University of Michigan and is Emeritus Practice Professor of Management at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, where he has been since 1984. He is the founding director of Wharton’s Leadership Program and of its Work/Life Integration Project. In 2001 Friedman concluded a two-year assignment at Ford Motors on leadership development worldwide.


Parents Who Lead (Harvard Business Review Press, 2020); Leading the Life You Want: Skills for Integrating Work and Life (HBR Press, 2014); Baby Bust: New Choices for Men and Women in Work and Family (Wharton Digital Press, 2013); Leadership Succession (Transaction, 2011); Total Leadership: Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Life (HBR Press, 2008); Work and Family – Allies or Enemies?: What Happens When Business Professionals Confront Life Choices (with Jeffrey H Greenhaus, OUP, 2000).


Stewart Friedman



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“Champion of ‘total leadership’, and living an integrated life.

Stuart Crainer & Des Dearlove, Thinkers50