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Reinvigorate Your Career By Taking the Right Kind of Risk

By Whitney Johnson

Embracing market risk in our careers is a high-percentage move. Figuring out what no one else is doing, and then doing it well, offers the greatest possibility of success, rapid acceleration, and hyper-growth. We are increasingly aware of the importance of assuming market risk when it comes to starting or growing a business, but assuming market risk is also a critical accelerant of the personal disruption that fuels individual career growth. My mantra is that businesses don’t disrupt, people do. Businesses can’t disrupt unless people do. However, many people don’t know what assuming market risk looks like when applied to their career.

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Whitney Johnson is an executive coach, speaker, and innovation thinker recently named one of the most influential management thinkers by Thinkers50. She is the author of Build an A-Team from Harvard Business Press and the critically acclaimed Disrupt Yourself. You can download the first chapter of Build an A Team here.

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