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Jos de Blok

Founder and CEO of the pioneering healthcare system, Buurtzorg, turning traditional healthcare models inside out.

01. award winner

Winner of the Thinkers50 2019 Ideas Into Practice Award. 

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Buurtzorg client satisfaction rates are the highest of any healthcare organization.


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Buurtzorg scaled across the Netherlands from one to 850 healthcare teams in just 10 years. 


Creator of the pioneering Dutch healthcare system, Buurtzorg, de Blok has developed a transformational model of collaborative, patient-centric community care. By empowering nurses in self-organized teams, Buurtzorg has turned traditional healthcare models inside out. With collaboration key to his model, de Blok has uncovered new ways of working and new areas of care, at home and internationally. Buurtzorg is now active in 25 countries.





Dissatisfied with the various administration-heavy healthcare organizations that he worked for, de Blok started Buurtzorg with a team of four nurses in 2006, scaling rapidly from one to 850 teams in just ten years. De Blok received The Albert Medal of the Royal Society of Arts (UK) in 2014, and has been an Ashoka fellow since 2015.


Building a Global Movement for Patient Centred Care (, 2018); How to Build an Organization (Renegade Inc., 2018); On Organizational Structures (RSA, 2014).




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Buurzorg’s model of self-management has far-reaching applications beyond healthcare.

Stuart Crainer & Des Dearlove, Thinkers50