Back2Better Webinar: Reinventing the Organization with Ravin Jesuthasan

The world of work is evolving at warp speed. The twin forces of digitalization and the democratization of work have resulted in a 10 year projection on the future of work being realized in just over 5 months. Whether that is the explosion in remote working or the acceleration in automation, our organizations will never be the same. Those that don’t transcend their legacy are destined to fail.

Join us as Ravin Jesuthasan, author and futurist, examines what’s changing, what’s coming and what it means for work and how it is organized. He will share:

  • Recent research on the forces powering the new world of work
  • Frameworks that you can use to navigate and organize the various work options. 
  • Perspectives on how you can transform your organization to drive agility, resilience and flexibility

Jesuthasan is an HBR contributor and member of the World Economic Forum’s Steering Committee on Work and Employment. Having originally trained as a CFA, he has been recognized as one of the 25 most influential consultants in the world.

Coauthor with John Boudreau of Reinventing Jobs: A 4 Step Approach for Applying Automation to Work (HBR, 2018); Transformative HR and Lead to Work. Also numerous articles on work, automation, and human capital.

Sign up to join the webinar on December 2nd at 11 am EDT:

Back2Better Webinar: Reinventing the Organization with Ravin Jesuthasan

About Back2Better

We are excited to partner up with Executive Networks to bring an exclusive collection of new resources for navigating change through the Back2Better webinar series, which includes 50 Webinars in 50 Weeks. The series officially kicks off in September and focuses on real-time actionable insights from the world’s top business leaders, academics, and HR thought leaders that help organizations adapt and evolve to the new future of work.

A catalyst for deeper exploration of the world of work, Back2Better is a platform for community knowledge-sharing that will help prepare forward-thinking organizations and their leaders to evolve and grow in the months to come. Through informative webinars delivered over the course of 50 weeks, this program covers timely topics selected moment to moment through a process informed by Executive Network member surveys, research from the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard, and insights from an esteemed advisory board. This is your opportunity to explore how you can adapt to the future of HR post-COVID with leading business professionals from Harvard, NYU, Amazon, and other top institutions and organizations.

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