Zero Distance Award

In 2020 the Business Ecosystem Alliance (BEA) launched the Zero Distance Awards. The awards identify and celebrate the work of organizations throughout the world in eliminating the distance between their employees, their operations and their customers. The BEA believes that ecosystems are a dynamic means of bridging the gap between organizations and their customers. Each year, BEA acknowledges the groundbreaking work of ten organizations in seeking to achieve Zero Distance.


About Zero Distance

The concept of Zero Distance was introduced by the Haier Group. It emphasises the connection between the business and the end-user or customer. This has become central to the management model of the Internet of Things era.


In 2015, Professor Dennis Campbell published “Zero Distance to Users” as a Harvard Business School case.  He taught the case in the “High Performance Organization and Cultural Design” class. From the case, the principles of Zero Distance are clear:

Having a management philosophy that allows the organization to proactively react to newly identified user needs

An organizational design and processes that eliminate organizational barriers that separate employees from end users

The use of user-focused and independent teams that can move fast and smoothly within the organization

End-to-end accountability for the experience of end users is taken by the company and/or independent teams

The systematic collection, storage and use of end user data in order to increase value for end users

Commitment to the ecosystem principles of openness, equality, co-creation and co-sharing.


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