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Every two years, Thinkers50 ranks the world’s top management thinkers. In addition, several individual awards are given for distinguished achievement in global thought leadership. Public participation in nominating thought leaders for both the RANKING and the AWARDS makes this process work. We welcome your input!

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Nominations close 1 September at 9 am GMT.

Current Distinguished Achievement Awards

Thinkers50 Award Categories

Breakthrough Idea Award

The T50 Breakthrough Idea Award celebrates a eureka moment in management thinking. It is given to a thinker whose radical ideas and insights have the potential to change the way we think about business forever. From Taylorism to The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, new ideas have challenged what we know about the business world. Where will the next management breakthrough come from?

Coaching and Mentoring award

In partnership with 100 Coaches

The T50 Coaching and Mentoring Award in partnership with 100 Coaches has been created to recognise positive differences and outstanding contributions being made by individuals in the field of executive coaching.


Digital technology has transformed the world. It has also changed the way we work and even the way we understand ourselves as human beings. Which thinker’s research and insights shed the most original and valuable light on the new digital reality of business? The T50 Digital Thinking Award celebrates the thinker who has done the most to transform the digital revolution into useful management insights.


There is nothing so practical as a great idea. At Thinkers50 we value practical thinking that makes a valuable contribution in the real world. Equally, we admire organisations that are open to new ideas no matter what their source. The T50 Ideas into Practice Award celebrates the individual whose ideas have successfully led organisational change, putting new ideas to work.


In partnership with Fujitsu

If necessity is the mother of invention, then innovation is its nurturing father. The word innovate comes from the Latin to “make new.” The need for innovation has never been more pressing—in society as well as in organisations. The T50 Innovation Award recognises the thinker who has contributed the most to our understanding of innovation in every sphere over the last two years.


Teams, corporations, and organisations of every kind demand and require leadership. Yet the nature of leadership and how we understand the role of the leader is constantly evolving and being reappraised. The T50 Leadership Award acknowledges thinkers who shed powerful and original new light onto this perennial and yet classic subject.


The T50 Radar Award will identify the new thinker who has emerged over the last two years with the potential to change the world of theory and practice.

Strategy Award

In partnership with Brightline

Where are you going and how do you intend to get there? This question lives at the heart of management and leadership. Strategy is arguably the intellectual and inspirational lifeblood of every organisation. The T50 Strategy Award celebrates the very best of strategic thinking. If you were running a corporation, to whom would you turn for strategic advice?

Talent Award

In partnership with Executive Networks

In ancient Greece the talent was a unit of currency. Today, human talent has become the global currency, with organisations competing for the very best people from around the world. With changing attitudes toward work and new generations entering the workforce, the challenge now is to better understand how talented individuals work best and how they can be effectively trained, attracted, motivated and employed. The T50 Talent Award recognises the thinker who has done the most to advance our understanding of the changing talent landscape.

This Year’s Gala

This year’s Ranking and Distinguished Achievement Awards will be announced at the Thinkers50 Awards Gala 2021 on 15 and 16 November.

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