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Provocateurs offer fresh insights, novel perspectives and unique ways forward in the face of uncertainty. In a new series from Thinkers50 in partnership with Deloitte, every month we will present a Provocateur in conversation.

A partnership between Thinkers50 and Deloitte, the monthly Provocateurs podcast gives you direct access to the thoughts, experiences, stories and insights of remarkable leaders from around the world. The aim is simple: to provoke you to think and act differently through candid and thought provoking conversations with fantastic leaders.

Are you ready to be challenged?


Stuart Crainer
Co-founder, Thinkers50


About Stuart Crainer

Des Dearlove & Stuart Crainer are the founders and directors of Thinkers50. For two decades, they have been the recognized masters of finding and promoting the most accomplished and promising business and management thinkers worldwide. Internationally recognized experts on business ideas, they are the authors of more than 15 books available in 20 languages, editors of The Financial Times Handbook of Management, and are both former columnists to The Times. They advise thinkers and organizations worldwide.

Des Dearlove
Co-founder, Thinkers50


About Des Dearlove

Des Dearlove & Stuart Crainer are the founders and directors of Thinkers50. For two decades, they have been the recognized masters of finding and promoting the most accomplished and promising business and management thinkers worldwide. Internationally recognized experts on business ideas, they are the authors of more than 15 books available in 20 languages, editors of The Financial Times Handbook of Management, and are both former columnists to The Times. They advise thinkers and organizations worldwide.

Stacy Janiak
Chief Growth Officer, Deloitte


About Stacy Janiak

As Chief Growth Officer of Deloitte US, Stacy leads the Client and Market Growth organization and is responsible for bringing the breadth of Deloitte’s service capabilities and assets to the market to accelerate growth for the organization and create a differentiated experience for clients.

In her capacity as a Managing Partner for Deloitte, Stacy drives a go-to-market strategy to optimize the organization’s capabilities across service offerings, industries, and geographies, with an emphasis on bold, integrated, digitally-enabled business solutions, services and insights. For nearly 30 years, Stacy has worked side-by-side with clients to help them solve their most complex business challenges, always seeking innovative paths while harnessing the power of teaming and diversity of thought. She believes a focus on leadership, business growth, and inclusive prosperity will help build the framework that will support resilient, inclusive, and sustainable economies and societies. 

Currently a member of the US Executive Committee, Global Clients & Industries Member Firm Executive Committee, and Global Board of Directors, Stacy has held significant leadership roles throughout her Deloitte career. She has previously served as the Chief Client Officer, Assurance and Accounting Advisory Services National Managing Partner, Managing Partner for the Chicago office, and US Retail sector leader. She also served on the US Board of Directors.

In 2018, Stacy was recognized as a Woman with Impact by the Women’s Business Development Council. She is passionate about mentoring and developing the next generation of leaders at Deloitte and is committed to advancing inclusive leadership in the workplace. Stacy is a frequent speaker at influential industry events such as Fortune’s Most Powerful Women, CES, The Female Quotient and The Executives’ Club of Chicago.

Stacy is a proud graduate and trustee of DePaul University and a board member of Boys & Girls Club of Chicago, The Executives’ Club of Chicago, New Profit, and the US Chamber of Commerce. She lives in Chicago with her husband, Jeff, and two children, Tyler and Sydney. Outside of work, Stacy enjoys spending time with her family and friends on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Steve Goldbach
Chief Strategy Officer, Deloitte


About Steven Goldbach

Steven Goldbach is a globally recognized strategist, author and thought leader. 

Steve serves the Deloitte US Partnership as its Chief Strategy Officer. Prior to joining Deloitte, Steve was a Partner at Monitor Group and head of its New York Office and head of strategy at Forbes.  

Steve helps executives and their teams transform their organizations by making challenging and pragmatic strategy choices in the face of uncertainty. He focuses his work on clients and industries undergoing large scale transformation. Steve helps companies combine rigor and creativity to create their own future.  

Steve has co-authored two bestselling books – Detonate: Why – and how – corporations must blow up best practices (and bring a beginner’s mind) to survive (Wiley, 2018), and Provoke: How leaders shape the future by overcoming fatal human flaws (Wiley, 2021). Thinkers50 has nominated Steve as a finalist for the 2019 Distinguished Achievement Award in Strategy and in 2021 for the Distinguished Leadership Award.

Steve holds degrees from Queen’s University at Kingston, where he serves on the Global Advisory Board of its Smith School of Business, and Columbia Business School. He and his wife live in Manhattan with their young daughter.

Geoff Tuff
Principal, Deloitte


About Geoff Tuff

Geoff has almost 30 years of experience consulting to some of the world’s top companies on the subjects of strategy, growth, innovation, and adapting business models to deal with change.  Currently, he is a Principal at Deloitte and holds various leadership positions across its Sustainability, Innovation and Strategy practices. Prior to this, he led the innovation firm Doblin and was a senior partner at Monitor Group, serving as a member of its global Board of Directors.  He is currently based in Deloitte’s Boston office.

Geoff’s work centers around helping clients transform their businesses to grow and compete in nontraditional ways. Over the course of his career, Geoff has worked in virtually every industry and he uses that breadth of experience to bring novel, cross-sector insights about how things might operate to clients stuck in industry conventional wisdom. Geoff has a particular strength in using facilitation and personal intervention to help clients make hard choices and take action. 

For his entire career, Geoff has focused exclusively on helping companies grow. He has been instrumental in developing many of Monitor’s – and now Deloitte’s – core methodologies related to driving profitable topline growth for clients.  His expertise spans the domains of design-driven innovation, new business model development, product launch and growth strategy, and business transformation. 

Geoff is valued for his integrative approach to solving problems. He combines deep analytic and strategic expertise with a natural orientation towards approaches embodied in design thinking.  His belief that human behavior is still – even in the digital age – the fundamental driver of economic value for companies allows him to bring a unique perspective to his clients struggling to shift their business models.  

He is a widely sought-after speaker and writer on the topic of growth through innovation.  His writing has appeared in journals such as Marketing Management and Harvard Business Review and as a regular contribution to HuffPost. He is also co-author of the National Bestseller Detonate: Why – and How – Corporations Need to Blow up Best Practices (and Bring a Beginner’s Mind) to Survive, released in May, 2018. His new book, Provoke: How Leaders Shape the Future by Overcoming Fatal Human Flaws launched in September, 2021 and quickly became a Wall Street Journal Bestseller. In 2019, Thinkers50 named Geoff as a finalist for the Distinguished Achievement Award in Strategy; in 2021, they did the same for the Leadership Award.

Geoff grew up in Canada and the UK, and came to the United States for university.  He received his B.A., with honors, in English literature and creative writing, from Dartmouth College.  He also holds a MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was an honors student.  He currently lives in Wellesley, Massachusetts with his wife, Martha, and four sons.  

Inspired by the book Provoke: How Leaders Shape the Future by Overcoming Fatal Human Flaws; Wiley, 2021.


Guest starring:

Deborah Bial

Deborah Bial, Ed.D.
President & Founder, The Posse Foundation


About Deborah Bial, Ed.D.

Deborah Bial is an expert in the field of higher education administration, college success and leadership development. Her extensive experience in facilitating dialogue related to issues of access, equity and diversity—and in guiding selective colleges and universities towards improved admissions policy—has gained her national recognition in the higher education community in the United States. 

Bial is the president and founder of The Posse Foundation, a leadership development and college success organization that sends teams (Posses) of students from diverse backgrounds to selective colleges and universities.

The Posse Foundation, a national 501(c)(3), is headquartered in New York City. In 2022, its annual budget of $29 million will support student recruitment in over 20 cities and leverage approximately $170 million in leadership scholarships from its 64 partner colleges and universities. Posse currently has over $130 million in assets (which includes an endowment valued at over $90 million). and a 50-person national board. Its 10 local advisory boards include over 100 members. 

Since 1989, The Posse Foundation has identified more than 10,000 Posse Scholars. These young people have won $1.8 billion in leadership scholarships from Posse’s partner colleges and universities and are graduating at a rate of 90 percent. They are active leaders, both on their campuses and in the workforce. 

In 2007, Bial received a prestigious MacArthur “Genius” Fellowship from The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. In 2010, President Obama named Posse as one of 10 nonprofits with which he would share his Nobel Peace Prize money. 

Bial has grown The Posse Foundation from a concept into one of the most comprehensive and important college success and scholarship programs in the United States. Today it supports programs in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, New Orleans, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Washington, D.C. In 2020, Posse expanded, using a new virtual recruitment and training model to double its outreach. The Foundation has also established many special initiatives such as the Posse STEM Program, the Posse Arts Program and the Posse Veterans Program. By 2025, The Posse Foundation will boast 10,000 alumni throughout the United States. 

Bial earned her master’s and doctoral degrees in education with a focus on higher education administration, planning and social policy from Harvard University. In 1999, she received a $1.9 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for her dissertation work, which focused on the design and assessment of a new college admissions tool that could be used in addition to traditional college admissions measures. 

Bial is a recipient of the Harold W. McGraw Prize in Education and the Anne Roe Award from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She completed her undergraduate degree at Brandeis University and has 30 honorary doctorates. She is also a member of the Brandeis Board of Trustees and the Xometry Board.  



Stuart Crainer
Stuart Crainer
Co-founder, Thinkers50

Stacy Janiak
Stacy Janiak
Chief Growth Officer, Deloitte

The Posse Foundation identifies public high school students with extraordinary academic and leadership potential and places them in supportive, multi-cultural teams.  Since 1989, Posse’s partner colleges have awarded $1.6 billion in scholarships and more than 10,000 scholars have so far been selected.  Posse scholars graduate at a rate of 90 percent. 

Deborah Bial is the president and founder of Posse.  In conversation with Deloitte’s Stacy Janiak and Stuart Crainer of Thinkers50, Debbie shares insights from her remarkable story of running with a powerful idea when aged just 23 and turning it into a Foundation which makes an enduring impact on peoples’ lives—and the world.


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