Tsedal Neeley

An associate professor in the Organizational Behavior unit at Harvard Business School, Neeley is the author of The Language of Global Success: How a Common Tongue Transforms Multinational Organizations (Princeton University Press, 2017). Her research focuses on the challenges that global collaborators face when they work across national boundaries. Successful global collaboration can enable firms to capitalize on the promise of their global reach. The scale and complexity of global collaboration, however, makes its promise often hard to realize. Companies now span more languages, geographies, and cultures than ever before, making it more imperative and more difficult for workers to communicate effectively if they are to meet performance targets.

Prior to her academic career, Neeley spent ten years in industry working for companies including Lucent Technologies and The Forum Corporation. She has a Ph.D. from Stanford University’s Department of Management Science and Engineering specializing in organizational studies. Neeley was a Stanford University School of Engineering Lieberman award recipient for excellence in teaching and research as well as the Stanford Distinguished Alumni Scholar.

More: tsedal.com; hbs.edu; @tsedal

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