Back2Better Webinar: Exceptional With Dan Cable

In this unique webinar, London Business School’s Dan Cable presents a three-step process to access and activate your full potential. Imagine switching on the television to see a highlight reel of the best moments from your life. Like a professional athlete, you’d learn with every clip how to repeat past successes, pinpoint your blind spots and build confidence.

In his new book Exceptional (published later in September), Dan reveals how building your own personal highlight reel — a collection of positive memories about you from your network — is key to accessing your potential. He has worked with tens of thousands of people to create their highlight reels and make the most of their gifts. Using the latest science and proven research behind best-self activation, his three-step process will help you improve your life by teaching you to:

  • Focus on what you do best
  • Craft a life around your strengths
  • Increase your confidence and resilience

By living up to your full potential you can strengthen the relationships you value most and transform your mindset to one of possibility. Every one of us has a version of ourselves that is uniquely outstanding. It’s a version of ourselves that already exists — all we have to do is access it.

Dan Cable is Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School. He has been a professor at Georgia Tech and the University of North Carolina.  He is also the author of Alive at Work and Change to Strange.

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