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Why Employees Don’t Speak Up

My research will help organizations better understand three key issues.

Firstly, why employees actively choose not to tell their leaders about the things they need to hear.

Secondly, how employees get heard and how do we get ideas out of their heads and into the open so that the business can disrupt, innovate and grow.

Thirdly, how in busy distracted workplaces we can make space for open dialogue where people’s contribution is respected and valued.

If we can nail these three things our workplaces become innovative ethical and engaging.

Megan Reitz

Megan Reitz

Megan Reitz is Professor of Leadership and Dialogue at Ashridge where she speaks, researches, consults and supervises on the intersection of leadership, change, dialogue and mindfulness. She is on the Thinkers50 radar of global business thinkers and is ranked in HR Magazine’s Most Influential Thinkers listing. She has presented her research to audiences throughout the world and is the author of Dialogue in Organizations and Mind Time. Her new book,  with Financial Times Publishing, is called Speak Up.

Speak Up

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