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speak up

An Act of Courage?

We have a tendency to see speaking up as an individual act of courage. There’s an element of that, of course, but I also see speaking up as relational and social. My research puts a different lens on the subject and will help people develop...

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Why Employees Don’t Speak Up

My research will help organizations better understand three key issues. Firstly, why employees actively choose not to tell their leaders about the things they need to hear. Secondly, how employees get heard and how do we get ideas out of their...

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Speaking Truth to Power

You only have to look at the growing list of corporate scandals to see just how important and urgent it is for organizations to tackle this widespread inability to speak truth to power. Revelations of financial misconduct at Wells Fargo, the...

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Do You Stay Silent When It Matters?

Leaders say they want people to speak up to them, to share ideas for new products or services or to suggest ways the business could work more productively and effectively. And of course, they want and indeed need to hear about unethical or...

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