Radar Class of 2022

Announced every January, the Thinkers50 Radar list of 30 thinkers to watch in the coming year is one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the Thinkers50 calendar. It is an eclectic mix of people who have crossed our personal radar or been nominated by members of the Thinkers50 community. We are delighted that for 2022 Deloitte has now joined us as our Radar partner.

The Radar Class of 2022 is an exceptional group of thinkers, whose ideas, hard work and passion we believe can make a real difference in the world. They may not have all the answers, but they are asking important questions about the business world and the sort of society we want to live in.

At Thinkers50, we believe in diversity, inclusivity, and equity. Our Radar list is a celebration of those values. We not only welcome but positively seek out the rainbow spectrum of thought that comes from seeing the world from multiple perspectives and backgrounds.

The Thinkers50 Radar Class of 2022 includes a Sri Lankan-born Irish computer scientist, a trailblazing US leadership coach for young women, a Norwegian expert on superclusters, a British-born champion of transformational justice, a crisis management specialist from Sierra Leone, and the Canadian innovator of the year.

At Thinkers50, we believe that ideas can change the world. We hope you enjoy finding out more about the Radar Class of 2022 – and how their work can make an impact in your organization and beyond.

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