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Marshall Van Alstyne

Marshall Van Alstyne is co-author of the international bestseller Platform Revolution. He is one of the world’s experts on network business models and is Questrom Professor of Management at Boston University. He is a frequent speaker, board level advisor, and consultant to startups and global firms. His research has received over 10,000 Google Scholar citations and won half a dozen academic awards.

Together with Geoffrey Parker and Nobel Laureate Jean Tirole, Van Alstyne developed the concept of two-sided markets, which is used extensively in platform business models. Parker and Van Alstyne co-founded the MIT Platform Summit and Boston University Symposium, which they have co-chaired since 2013. He received a BA in computer science from Yale and an MS and PhD. in information systems economics from MIT. He holds multiple patents – he was among the first to measure the dollar value of social networks – and his theories of network businesses are taught worldwide.

Winner (with Geoff Parker) of the Thinkers50 2019 Digital Thinking Award.

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