Thinkers50 Curated LinkedIn Live Session with Sheree Atcherson

Demanding More: Learn what diversity & inclusion really mean with award-winning author Sheree Atcheson

Diversity and inclusion are hot topics in the business world, but many organizations are failing to confront the real issues. Sheree Atcheson, author of Demanding More, calls out the lack of awareness around privilege and promotes the concept of allyship, where everyone takes ownership and accountability for biases and discrimination. Identified as one of the UK’s Most Influential Women in Tech and an international multi-award winner for her services to diversity and inclusion in industry, Sheree launched and led the award-winning UK expansion of Women Who Code, the world’s largest non-profit globally dedicated to women in tech. She is shortlisted for the Thinkers50 Talent Award 2021. Join Sheree in this webinar to gain a deeper understanding of diversity and inclusion and the effective steps you can take to make it a reality in your organization.

This session is brought to you by Thinkers50 in partnership with Talent Award partner Executive Networks.

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