Most Influential Business School Professors of 2021

What a difference 20 years makes!

Back then, AI was reserved for Sci-Fi fantasies and the sharing economy was more hippie than hipster. Consumers were receiving Netflix DVDs in the mail and realizing Amazon sold more than books and video games. And no one had migrated to the cloud or started living on their phones, either. The c-suite hyped being global and diverse, while the front lines remained mostly local and uniform. Of course, Big Data was relegated to gigabytes of information that everyone collected — and no one used.

Let’s face it: If you asked people what SEO meant in 2001, they’d probably assume it was self-help lingo: Stay Eager and Open or Seize Every Opportunity.

In 2021, alphas have been replaced with empaths who tiptoe around social fractures in 140 characters. With social media, everyone has become a brand — a distinct voice at best and a Tik Tok influencer at worst. Now, the world works, studies, shops, and entertains from their laptop. Thanks to the internet, any disruptor can turn their big idea into a unicorn (courtesy of Salesforce and HubSpot wizardry).

And you know who predicted all of this? Your friendly neighborhood business school professors!

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