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Ranking & Distinguished Achievement Awards

2003 Thinkers50 Ranking & Awards

London, November 10, 2003

Ranking of Management Thinkers

#1 Peter Drucker

Far sighted and always opinionated, Drucker has built an encyclopaedic store of knowledge which he has applied over the last 50 years to management.

#2 Michael Porter

The father of modern business strategy, and the most cited scholar today in economics and business.  

#3 Tom Peters

Born in Baltimore in 1942 “with a lacrosse stick in one hand and oars over my shoulder,” Peters resided in California, mainly Silicon Valley [where he was on a list of “100 most powerful people in Silicon Valley”], from 1965–2000.  

#4 Gary Hamel

The opinionated, sometimes acerbic, voice of contemporary strategy, Hamel brings aphoristic energy to the turgid world of management writing.

#2 Charles Handy

The genteel, civilised voice of management, Charles Handy is a British oil executive turned academic and, in a glorious third career, populist social philosopher.